Apple Servicing

We are proud to offer our services both onsite & in store

Warranty Repairs on Mac Portables and Desktops

Out-of-Warranty Repairs on Mac Portables and Desktops

Warranty Replacements on iPads, iPods & AppleTVs

Out-of-Warranty Replacements on iPads, iPods & AppleTVs

Mail-In Repairs for Apple Watches and Beats Audio Products

iPhone Service Program

Apple Authorised Reseller Services

Sales of Mac portables and Desktops

Sales of iPhones, iPads, iPhones

Sales of AppleTVs and Accessories


Netfocus IT Solutions are equipped to provide business network support for Apple and PC networks

Customised network solutions and support including integrated Windows & Apple office environments

Proactive system maintenance, ensuring successful data backup & potential failure notification

Cloud and self-managed email solutions

Large Area WiFi Network design and Installation ideal for Retirement Villages, Resorts, Large Warehouses and Point-Point (P2P) Links

Internet, Firewall and End Desktop Security incl. Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus

Regularly scheduled software updates & virus scans to Servers and/or end user desktops

Virus Removal

Business Equipment sales including desktops, laptops, servers, networking equipment and Network Attached Storage devices

VPN and remote access solutions

Experts in Medical & Specialist practice management software support including external consulting remote access

Who do we provide support for?

Home and retail end users

Small to Medium Business who require IT Support

Medical Practices

Retirement Villages or resorts looking to deploy large scale/public WiFi

Companies with multiple sites looking to share common resources

Mobile businesses needing Back-to-Base (B2B) Solutions

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